Juge Heikkilä

As a Director of Photography I’ve had a chance to make my artistic vision come true. I've been working around the globe in many different kinds of productions with many different nationalities. The challenges that I have overcome have made me very hard to be surprised. I have worked with all kinds of gear, starting with small video cameras to high end 35mm film cameras and all levels of production from the first ideas to screen. I have learned that there is no matter what tool you are working on, your vision is everything. At the end, it really doesn't matter if your film is shot by iPhone or the latest full frame 8K camera. The script, a story is everything. And after that comes your vision of how you will make the story understandable to the audience. I love to be on the set with camera, with crew and with actors. But there are so many moving elements that you need to make compromises. That's why I love preproduction days. Thinking about story, planning lighting without any budgeting limits, making storyboards and previzualations.

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