Matti Eerikäinen

Matti Eerikainen is a Finnish cinematographer whose intuitive and sensitive understanding of nuances, both in visuals and storyline, has led him to work with award-winning film and commercial directors around the globe. His visual work has been best described as a beautiful mixture of moody lighting combined with the dynamic use of colors. He’s also known to work closely with both the director and actors on set to bring the story and characters alive through his camera work. His latest feature film credits include the action thriller THE BRICKLAYER for director Renny Harlin and Millennium Media. Another feature film releases for 2023 are Finnish psychological horror drama, THE KNOCKING and American horror feature THE REFUGE. Besides narratives, Matti has shot over a hundred commercials, award-winning short films and music videos for talented directors worldwide. Matti is the President of the Finnish Society of Cinematographers, FSC.

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